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Thread: Look out the Glampers are here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldblade View Post
    Thanks Yeah been a while

    Still Glamping in fact still running the Topaz just sold the TuRD and bought a new 200 so back on the forums as i have been decking it out as per the TuRD
    Oh very nice, little more torque for pulling the Topaz around the country. Not to mention comfy.
    Adam aka Smokey

    2.8's Sound great, but a worked 3.0L goes better

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    Tourque yes but power no the Turd would smoke the 200. and funny re the comfy bit the Mrs hates the cruiser seats so thats on the list to change.

    Loving the cruiser though it's just not the hoon 4by the TRD was.

    It rides better excluding the seats and goes well enough now i chipped it. The reason we bought it is it gets 7.9l per 100 as appose to 20l plus

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