On the 4th of December went on a 6 day camping and fishing trip to Barmah State Forrest with a mate (Wayne ) to try out new Rhino Rack and awning and toilet ensuite with thunder box toilet and was very pleased with the set of camp, found a nice little shaded area ( 23ks into Forrest ) just the other side picnic point victorian side and got all set up in no time so then started into getting the rods in an started getting good bites and then some fish so in all between we caught 9 Cod only one that was a keeper all the rest just under size 4 turtles , 1 big Black Brim and 4 trout cod and a lot of little fish assorted so was really good trip looking forward to going back as there was plenty of wildlife around and even the Brumbys decided to come for a visit