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Thread: Queens Birthday weekend

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    Queens Birthday weekend

    Well a plan was put in place for another trip away.

    Four cars in total. Two Patrols one Prado and my Triton. The meeting place was to be BENTLEYS PLAINS HUT. Inbetween ORBOST and OMEO/VIC. On the way in i came across this. I thought i had seen enough snow on a previous trip a couple of weeks ago

    After a six and a half hour drive i arrived and found i had the place to myself. Getting there around two pm on the Friday. Glad i packed some wood before leaving.

    The hut and gazebo type picnic shelter beside

    There was a better campsite just down the trk with a long drop and fireplaces and tables

    We packed up, said our goodbyes but i headed down to have a look at MC KILLOPS BRIDGE a bad photo

    Till next time

    Inside the hut, just a fireplace but my accommadtion for two nights

    I expected the others to arrive late Saturday. Inbteween i had lots of visitors to my abode through out the next day, The others turned up around seven pm Saturday, set up. I had the fire going and liquid refreshments were had before hitting the sack

    Sunday morning we all packed up. Colin in the Prado wanted to go to LITTLE RIVER GORGE a place he had camped at before, not far from MC KILLOPS BRIDGE. It turned out to be a long interesting drive

    REDDAVE in his mighty GQ PATROL on 35s was leading the way thankfully. I was tailend charlie, his sons 2.8 PAROL had no winch at least that way if he got into trouble we had an option at each end for recovery. I have no idea of the name of the tracks that we took but with the help of Daves HEMMA and Colins map book we found our way.

    At this spot we got held up. Kaiden in the 2.8 struck a bad patch of snow, slid and stalled the car. Trying to start it again nothing. Starter motor problems. We decided to push it, that was fun after a few taps and bridging under the bonnet

    Yes it was cold, this deep pool of water was frozen solid

    On the way there was a lot of slipping and sliding, timber clearing and every corner we came to was just frozen ice. Eventually we got out of the snow line and knew we were getting lose to our destination. Stopped and gathered some more wood. We arrived around four thirty that afternoon. It was a steep decent down to the campsite 4L juust to be safe, with whoopty de do's/mounds every five metres.

    The morning after

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    Don' know what happend there but you get the jist

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