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Thread: Ctek dcdc25sa charger

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    Smile Ctek dcdc25sa charger

    Hello Guys,

    Just a question i'm going to throw out there, i'm going to be swapping over my dual battery system soon.
    I've purchased a Ctek DCDC250SA to charge the auxillary battery to keep it in top condition.

    I used to run a Redarc Solenoid setup.

    My question is i've got camper trailer which has dual 100a/h batteries in them, currently i had the trailer wired to the auxillary battery and when the car was running would charge all three batteries this seemed to work fine. obviously when the trailer was disconnected then the alternator wouldn't charge it and i was using solar.

    Will i still be able to use the same setup with the new ctek charger and would it have more charge going to the batteries.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Quick answer, no... Main reason being is that the ctek won't be able to optimise the charge for all three batteries in parallel, as they will most likely be at different rates of charge and different capacities, also would be too far away form the batteries in your camper.

    The ctek is only good for a max output of 20amps, unless you add the power pass option.. that will give you a possible 100amps in the bulk charge cycle.
    A few options here.. you could keep the ctek connected to your auxiliary battery in the vehicle to keep that battery separated and in good condition, then keep your Redarc isolator from your start battery connected to the camper trailer.

    Or swap that around and use the ctek in your camper trailer to optimise the two batteries in there.

    Or if you want the best of both worlds, use two cteks, one ctek in your vehicle and one ctek coupled with a power pass for the camper batteries. Clear as mud?

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