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Thread: Vale Jack Absalom

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    Vale Jack Absalom

    Popular Australian artist and author Jack Absalom has died, aged 91.

    I remember an episode of his show demonstrating how to get a car started with a flat battery. He explained that only one wheel spins (drives). Jack that wheel up, turn the ignition on, select reverse gear (manual of course) and then spin the wheel backwards. The car then starts...legend...I have a copy of his Safe Outback Travels book.

    While others are tearing up all over Australia in supplied modern 4wd, in his day Jack was going places where very few had been fixing his 4wd with piece of fencing wire and electrical tape along the way. He was also a brilliant artist that just loved the bush and wanted others to share his enjoyment of the bush albeit safely.

    Vale Jack.

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    The man was a legend! He did the Strzelecki and Birdsville tracks in a 2wd Sigma station wagon, no sweat.

    I bought a copy of his Safe Outback Travels book before I had my first car, let alone 4wd.

    Strzelecki Track

    Birdsville Track

    Outback safety

    I'll be able to kill many hours for the next day or two watching old Jack at his best.

    He's out there now, driving the red dirt in his Sigma, on the way to the Pearly Gates!
    On days like this I'd rather be west of the Darling!

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    Definitely an Aussie icon. 91 was a good innings.
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    I recall watching this guy when I was a young fella
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