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Thread: Quick survey on improving off-road emergency kits

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    Quick survey on improving off-road emergency kits

    My son is in his final year of High School and for his major Design and Technology project he is looking to enhance and improve on existing off-road emergency and survival kits available in Australia to 4WD owners and off-roading enthusiasts. If you can spare 3 to 5 minutes to answer the questionnaire in this link ( it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul

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    Now I don't want to sound suspicious, but this sounds more like some market research for a commercial company, I will elaborate;
    1. first post is a survey
    2. no welcome introduction post
    3. Son is in his final year of school and he is only getting around to this project now.

    Its been a few years since my kids were at school but a final year student would be by now finished school, probably finished in November, by now they would had already been to the Gold Coast for schoolies and now probably seeing the dr for some cream to treat the rash on his groin following schoolies.

    i may be wrong and apologise if so.
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    You're on the money I reckon Rags. The wife is a chalkie, Yr 12 is done & dusted and Yr 11 started their yr12 subjects at the start if this school term. None of them are doing any projects at this time of year.

    Design & Tech classes usually concentrate on metal work / woodwork or computer programming sort of stuff, not developing 4wd or survival stuff.

    I'm sure I speak for many when I say we always like to have new members on a forum such as this, we like to support those on the forum with businesses - but if that's the case at least be straight up about it.

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    No. I think it might be all good. As a D and T teacher it is common for kids to be doing research for their major projects at this stage and what they do can be very diverse. I have had one student redesign the foot strap in inflatable rescue boats used by lifesaving clubs after he broke his foot in one. Another developed an app for bullying just to give an idea. Although many take a traditional path and construct a piece of furniture or similar there are those out there who do think outside of the square.

    So I hope that the young bloke is fair dinkum and does well.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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