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Thread: To The Kimberley Pt 1

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    Thanks Guy's,

    I probably go a bit over board with my research Adam, but way back I'd turn up at places or drive past things that later on I was spewing I'd missed. So I try now to make sure the things I'm interested in, I see.
    Take the Baroota Ruins for instance, some time back I was googling for camp spots in the general area, one link mentioned the ruins so I googled that and then hey presto thats a place I'd like to see. I also try to visit such places at the right time of day for my photography so research images etc then try to work out when pics were taken. I new before we got there (even though I hadn't been before) that early morning was not the best time but I didn't have a choice that time.
    Pick a route that you are going to drive, research history etc on most if not all towns etc along the way, follow links as they pop up and you will be surprised at what's out there.
    If you saw a map of where I've been in Oz you would probably be amazed, now on every trip I try to go at some stage to a place that I haven't been before or drive on what I call a virgin road or track. In doing so I see so much of what others miss as I'm not on the roads or tracks that most go on.
    Glad you enjoy what I do and I'm pleased I've given people enjoyment and hopefully inspiration to get out there off the beaten track and enjoy our fantastic country.

    Regards Col.
    Life is not a destination but a journey, make the most of it and remember, the worst day above ground is a whole lot better than the best one under it.

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    Cheers Col. Thatís great advise. Traveling the great country of ours never gets tiring thatís for sure.

    Adam aka Smokey

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