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    The following is a record of our trip to OBJ's Percydale Avoca-Hilton June 4th to 11th, 2018, it may be a little out of order but depicts most of the highlights of the trip finishing with a brief video.

    Hope you enjoy!!




    MAPS USED (brand/area): HEMA GPS G4 MAP


    SIZE (how many camps would fit): MANY

    FACILITIES (toilet/shower/drinking water):TOILET SHOWER(When OBJ Sets it up) BYO WATER

    PHONE RECEPTION (yes/no/poor): YES - GOOD

    PERMIT REQUIRED (yes/no): NO

    PET FRIENDLY (yes/no): YES


    CAMPING COSTS:NIL (But refreshments consumed push the price up)


    Monday 4th June

    Waubra Windfarm on way to PERCYDALE

    My Brother-in-Law Brian and I arrived at Outback Jacks Avoca-Hilton a little after midday expecting to do a little work to clean up debris and cut down grass with my brushcutter but were pleasantly surprised to find the area clear and free of vegetation. After negotiating the high level security system we selected a good site and set up camp then off into the bush to get trailer No.1 firewood load.

    Firewood Trailer Load Number 1

    We set up a relief station, lit the fire, had a bite to eat and chilled out with a few refreshments to tide us over. Brian cooked up some tea on OBJ's BBQ and after a few more beers reclined to rest in our camps.

    Max's Camp

    Brians Camp Car

    Tuesday 5th June

    Up early to a beautiful Percydale sunrise

    GRAHAMS Bar highlighted by the campfire

    The Campfire

    Breakfast on the go (Thanks Brian)

    Went for a drive up Slate Quarry Track, selected a site to do some prospecting and began cleaning out some crevices.
    Tried to go further up the track but couldn't get traction even with the rear e-locker engaged so back to camp with a test bucket of material where Brian panned the contents.
    Unfortunately no joy today.

    Brian and the pan

    Brians Kneepads

    Out to the bush for Firewood Trailer load No. 2 (Much bigger load)

    The moon passing over during the day

    The excavator at the quarry was busy working and thankfully the dust was being carried away in a different direction

    A sneaky fox crossing the paddock

    Brian cooking tea to wind up the day

    Wednesday 6th June

    Up early with the usual starters, did a couple more hours of crevicing which when panned revealed some minute specks of the elusive yellow stuff but not enough to go back as our arms were not long enough to get down to the good stuff. We might have to work on some suitable tools to do the job in the future.

    Thursday 7th June

    Again up early for yet another beautiful sunrise.


    Went for a drive up to the lookout

    Then began the descent down Slate Quarry Track where we quickly found it to very steep with some huge rocky ledges. Brian opted for the safer option of walking down as I moved a few slate rocks to fill the gaps to avoid tipping over. Brian had his phone camera out but unfortunately didn't capture the descent or the look on my face as I came down.

    Then back to the Fiddlers Creek Lead to do some detecting. We found the standard coil on the Garrett 250 to be inconsistent and only revealed several tin cans so Brian decided to go for a drive to Maryborough and Maldon to see if he could get another and as I found out later had no success and a frustrating time with the Maldon mayor trying to get some activity at his gold detector shop. In the meantime I went out to the bush for yet another trailer load of firewood including a stack for Pacs Ozpig and OBJ's central heating system.

    Brian cooking up a chicken stirfry.

    That's enough for instalment number 1, the video link tells a bit more of the story with the promises of more pictures to come of the weekend antics and activities. Will probably post them up Thursday or Friday.

    Oz Firey (Max)


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    Your a legend Max, and thanks to all the other 4WD Adventurers for all their help


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    Another great meetup help at Jacks by the looks of it. Plus plenty of essential wood.
    Unbelievable sunrise pics, and the moon shot is fantastic.
    Adam aka Smokey

    2.8's Sound great, but a worked 3.0L goes better

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    Well done Max. Look forward to the rest of your report.

    We did'nt find any gold nuggets digging that dunny hole, quartz and clay hard yakka

    Lucky we had plenty of fluids to replenish us
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    Looks awesome maxxy. Glad that you guys had fun.
    The only thing better than fishing... is catching a fish...

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    Make sure your there next time Harps, I've got heaps of jobs for you do to


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Lost View Post
    Well done Max. Look forward to the rest of your report.

    We did'nt find any gold nuggets digging that dunny hole, quartz and clay hard yakka

    Lucky we had plenty of fluids to replenish us
    Here we go with a little or maybe the lot depending on how cold it gets under the verandah at the Taggerty General Store.

    Friday 8th June

    It started raining during the night and didn't let up all morning so it was sit around, cook under cover, eat, drink, relax, keep warm and await the arrival of our SUPREME COMMANDER OBJ.

    OBJ arrived being chauffeured by Mark (Ralphedward) in his Amarok and began the extensive ritual of setting up the Avoca-Hilton with the beers starting to flow freely to give him the energy to cope with the task.
    I officially donated my four breakfast bar stools from my kitchen to adorn "Grahams Bar". (I'm emptying out my house at Taggerty which is now sold, moving out 12th July to a friends place prior to becoming a fully fledged 4wdAdventurer with no fixed address later in the year)

    Mark eventually got around to setting up his camp which must have really wore him out as later on he fell asleep in a chair and no amount of goading could wake him up.

    He did however get in a bit of partying before the nod off after Greg (Pacs or was it Harps lol) and young Jack arrived and set up their camp.

    So the BAR was officially OPEN.

    We all settled in for a longish night of yakking and fellowship when it seemed everyone hit the sack but not all stayed there. One in particular, OBJ was in party mode waking up later and trying to entice Pacs to join him, no go was the answer then even Jack decided to put himself to bed.

    I'll post this one and start another, I think quick replies have a limit

    OOOPS!! Must've used the wrong url's - no pics

    That should be better

    Yeah least a pic is there but all smallish

    Uploaded the pics again and now they should be the right size - I hope!!
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    Mmmm, now that I've got that sorted out I'll continue

    Saturday 9th June

    Some of us awoke to a misty morning but OBJ was in comfort mode emerging much later to survey the scene, continue the setup and decide on the tasks for us to attempt.

    The misty fog cleared, another load of firewood gathered and next to arrive was Laurie (2Lost) and Gail. After setting up their camp joined the rest of us and we settled in for another party night. OBJ cooked up a stew in one of his many camp ovens and as there was an Avoca run done during the day the eskies were all restocked ready to empty yet again.

    Pacs Camp

    Laurie and Gails Camp

    Avoca-Hilton Party Style

    Young Jack spent a lot of time stealing Pacs lighters

    Sunday 10th June

    All awoke with heavy heads except for a couple that slept the morning away or were awake but decided it was too warm in bed to get up.
    Pacs and Young Jack packed up and headed home and then the tasks began in earnest.

    First up, a backrest was added to Grahams Stool.

    Then the BIG ONE - A hole to be dug in the new loo big enough to cope with current and future attendees to the Hilton.

    Laurie turned the first sod.

    A few refreshments and rest breaks had to be had.

    Laurie made a special scoop which after a small modification made it easier to clean out the hole as it got deeper.

    It was hard going as the clay was rock hard with a few bits of quartz as well but eventually it was up to the SUPREME COMMANDER to test its strength, view and gave it his nod of approval.

    The "JOB" was finally "DUN" but it wasn't officially christened until later in the evening.
    Gail was first to break the bottle of champers after consuming several wines, baileys and bundy and later Laurie stepped up to the plate to do the job.

    Over the next couple of days everyone provided an encore performance with all very happy with the results.

    Preparations were made for a camp oven cook off with OBJ making his famous hassleback spuds.

    Mark and OBJ well and truly stuffed the chook.

    and Brian got the job of cooking it to perfection.

    Whilst all was cooking at around 6.30pm it was noticed that one of us was missing, who could that be?
    After a thorough search OBJ was found snug as a bug in a rug sound asleep on his comfy bed in the container.

    All decided it was best to leave him be and everyone else devoured the culinary treats laid before us.

    OBJ didn't re-emerge for the rest of the night but was ably attended by our resident Physc Nurse who maintained a vigil of checking his responses and restoking the central heating unit.
    By midnight we had all reclined to our respective camps.

    Monday 11th June

    An early rise to greet the morning sun, stoke the fire and cook up a jaffle iron breakfast from last nights leftovers.

    Laurie was first to crack a can followed quickly by OBJ as he didn't have to drive. OBJ looked fresh as a daisy after his long sleep which helped to aid in the packing up ritual.

    Mark had a hiccup with a bulging rear tyre, OBJ had a visit from friends.

    Brian and I topped up the wood trailer to take to my Nephew and when we got back all had dispersed. We then packed up with a few drops of rain falling as the last item was loaded in the Bruiser.

    The loo was locked, the High Security System re-enabled to mark the end of yet another very enjoyable trip to OBJ's Percydale Avoca-Hilton.

    THANKS OBJ and THANKS to all who attended for the GREAT company at a GREAT location for a GREAT time.

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    Again,well done Max

    Gail loved it and wants to go back. Thanks to OBJ for the hospitality once again and for finding her earing.

    Little does she know, that was a quite weekend at the AVOCA HILTON
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    A very gentile weekend at the Percydale Hilton. It must have been the presence of nurse Gail, who cured more coughs than was humanly possible, and cared for the ailing OBJ on Sundee night (or was that checked every now and then that the silly ol bugger still had a pulse) that made for a far more cultured weekend away than normal for the Percydale Hilton.

    Lets do it again soon!!!!!!
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