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Thread: MQ Triton walk around

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    MQ Triton walk around

    Hey guys, I'm normally posting videos about the Paj and how tos etc but whilst away with a mate at bylong a few weeks back, he was insistent on me getting some footage of the MQ up on youtube.

    He said that when he cruises the tube, there isn't a lot of content on the MQ.

    So with that in mind, here's a walk around of Tim's MQ and what he's done to it thus far.

    Being a family man, a lot of his build is on the budget or funds conscious end of the spectrum .
    I'll also be working on an edit of the bylong trip just focused on his triton also.


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    good stuff.
    There isnt much out there for the mitsubishi markets.
    the only time i have ever winched myself (triton) is out there at bylong.

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    Cheers Jamo.
    You've got that right. I find exactly the same as the pajero.
    There are just so many on the road but compared to the yota stuff, it's slim pickings. ****s ya don't it.
    we did go there expecting to give the winches a try out . the only one that didn't need to ....the might Paj

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