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Thread: got a smaller pecker ? you need this HF antenna

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    got a smaller pecker ? you need this HF antenna

    for those interested in amatuer radio, which I know there a few hams on here, I've just mounted my Tarheel 200hp which I picked up second hand last week It's missing the control cable, so I'm on hold waiting for a slow boat from china to deliver some connections.
    I got them for about 2.50 a set where jaycar wanted 17 bucks...I like to spend local but that's taking the piss.
    I basically got 4 sets for all most half the price they wanted for 1.

    It came with the ameritron 102 controller and I will be mating it up with the 7100 in the Paj.
    Video of the install etc will happen.
    For now, to wet your appetite the big girl herself.

    I started by removing the plastic trim that covers the hinge for the spare wheel cover.

    and cut a section of aluminium flat bar. The profile of the hinges on that side are not flat. So using a 4mm aluminium allowed me to crank down on the bolts and have it bend a little to match the curve of the hinge.
    There is another bolt to go in but I have no idea what I did with it.
    I swear I started with 4. These are high tensile also if you're worrying about strength.

    The antenna mount located and bolted in.
    The original idea was to replace the plastic trim and drill through it .
    I'm going to leave it like this at least for a little while to ensure the antenna works in this location before I start drilling holes into plastics.
    tbh it may even stay like this. once i cleaned up the gunk you can see in this pic, it doesnt look too bad.

    with the screw driver body in its mount

    and with the 13ft mil whip from chameleon, just to see if it would fit.
    It came with a 9ft whip but will only cover 80-15m or so in that config.
    Using a 5-6ft whip will make it less efficient on 80 but will give me coverage on 10m.
    So instead of spending 50 bucks on a 5 footer, I think I'll just cut the 9 down.
    Realistically, I can't imagine running a 9ft whip mobile anyway.
    Plus for stationary work, the 13 ft chameleon will be used.
    keeping in mind, the pic below is in its lowest position. so it only gets bigger

    and in all its glory with the 13ft chameleon.

    I have some footage of course of the install but will combine it when I do the radio and controller install .........maybe next weekend. god bless the queen

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    Well done Brett, looking fwd. to seeing your install.

    I'm using YEASU equipment myself. An FT-897D and ATAS antenna when I need to.
    Most of the time it's an 8900 into a Diamond 2 & 70 whip.
    I'm not a big fan of the ATAS resistance to vibration. Which is why I put it on only when I have to.

    Looking forward to your video.

    Cheers & 73's
    FZJ105r with Tvan pushing.

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    I still have my ft857 and the atas 120 but whilst I was reaonably happy with the atas, the lack of filtering in the 857 just annoyed me.
    For that reason I wanted to put the 7100 in and was going to get the controller to work with the atas.
    That was $200+ and I got this antenna, control box and 9ft whip for 600.
    So I figure I can sell the atas and be even closer still.

    from a build perspective, there is no comparison between the tarheel and the atas.
    It can only be more efficient as well due to the size.
    I just hope it holds up off road. Although, I think it will come off for any serious work.

    Like you and most of us I think, most of my activity is 70/2m to and from work.


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