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Thread: A day at COWBAW

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    A day at COWBAW


    I organised a day out at COBAW S/F VIC. Four cars in total, two GU PATROLS,one TRITON an one JEEP meeting time was 9.30am 20/05/2018.

    20180520_094611 by Laurence Barnett, on Flickr

    I told the guys we will go and have a look at ALCORNS TRK first up. Its a nasty track for those who do not know, lots of rocks, deep ruts and large rock step ups to tackle.

    Scott in the RED JEEP front locked and four inch lift, had just made some steel slider/steps and instaled a new rear steel bumper that he had made.

    Thought he may give the trk a go.

    20180520_095833 by Laurence Barnett, on Flickr
    Click on the image to veiw.

    Turned out to be a bad move. One broken fiberglass flair, damage to the left hand front quarter panel and the sliders also the rear bar. Not on video but further up his car was balancining on to wheels at fourty five degrees. It was a heart in the throat moment for everyone, managed to avoid a rollover and had to back down.

    We all turned around. Stopped and gathered our witts.

    The next trk to do was STUMPY TRK. A nice little trk that can look daunting. Dave in one of the GUs had to give one section a couple of goes and managed to bump it over with a bit of right foot. His car was the only one without a locker. Made for good footage but i forgot to push the correct button on my phone.We all made it through unscathed.

    Then it was onto POLE TRK. A good run down and everyone enjoyed it.

    From there SOILPIT TRK was next up Dave doing one section. I like SOILPIT.

    20180520_113456 by Laurence Barnett, on Flickr
    Click on the image to veiw.

    From there it was time to call for a lunch stop. Found a camping area and had bit of a yak about the days events. We decided to do one more trk CROZIERS TRK. I rememberd that it was an easy run back to our airing up point.

    Well the trk was easy but we had to stop and remove fallen timber a few times. I came around a corner as i was leading on the day, caught by surprise by a large deep and slippery bog hole. Got through and warned the others on the CB. Dave was following me and just sank spinning wheels. I reversed back and he winched off of my car.

    So back to our meeting point aired up and said our goodbyes. Till the next time. Hopefully a better start to the day.
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    Nice one Laurie! Looks like an eventful trip. Good on Scott for giving Alcorns a crack.
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    I thing wrong with a quick day trip with plenty of action. Not good having some damage, but itís all a learning experience.

    Thanks for sharing your day.

    Adam aka Smokey

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    Looks like you all had an entertaining day. commiserations for the damage Scotty and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Will be great to catch up again at the Hilton in a couple of weeks!

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    Great place at cobaw,
    its a while ago I was there. Alcorns is a tough track. This fellow in our group broke a front cv , a rear axle and nearly tipped it over!
    All that in the first couple of hundred metres of the trip

    Bit tough for my Chinese car but I did make it up the chicken track which is still very interesting. The rest of the tracks had a bit of everything
    I did get stuck on a log trying to bypass a bog hole that claimed a couple of others

    Just another inch of clearance and I would of made it

    I think I need to get back up there, it's a compact little area with lots of challenges if you want.
    Thanks for reminding me!

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