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Thread: Prospecting

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    Quote Originally Posted by king kahuna View Post
    Wow you will be playing with the big boys lol. Let us know how it goes mate
    Hiya Scott,

    Well the house is sold but I'm yet to get a detector. First on the list was a good off road van to call home and as it was a huge outlay I'm thinking that I might downsize and look into the Equinox 800.

    Better to have one than not and reading up on its specs it seems to be a pretty good unit.

    My Brother-in-Law Brian is still infected with the "Gold Fever" having bought a Garrett 250 as well as his latest acquisition, an 8" Gold Rat Highbanker Sluice with a 6.5HP portable pump.

    Heading up to Creswick tomorrow to give it a test out in the Slaty Creek area and hopefully find a bit of the elusive yellow stuff.

    Hope all is well with you all, looking forward to catching up at the Police Paddocks in September.

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    wish we were allowed to use high bankers and pumps in NSW they are banned here, not even allowed to use a battery powered pump, all we are allowed is a river sluce but no pumps

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