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Thread: Where are you from?

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    Seriously Hooked
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    Where are you from?

    Thought this might be a good idea for everyone to get an idea of where our regular posters are from, or the general area you're located, and where your regular haunts are for camping.

    I'm in the Hunter Valley, and regularly visit the Barrington Tops (although less now we have a van) and Glenbawn Dam. Any spot that is beside water is good.

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    Lismore, NSW
    I'm located in the NSW North Coast. For a quick day out I like to head to Evans head for a beach drive.

    When we get the chance to camp it's usually at Rover Park near Tenterfield, Free camping at Yates Crossing near Tabulam, a spot known as 'Broadwater Bridge' on the Mann River near Jackadgery and every now and then at the Caravan Park in Brooms Head.

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    Helensburgh NSW
    Illawarra for us, most of our favourite places are south or west, don't go north very much, Yadboro, Belanglo, Tuross, Newnes, NSW/Vic High Country, found a couple of secluded spots around Tumbarumba and Corryong
    Cheers Baz.

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    Bendigo Victoria
    Located in Bendigo North Central Victoria a hop skip and a jump and we have the Pyrenees Ranges or in the other direction the Murray River and just out the road the Loddon River these are my main haunts though its always nice to head south and enjoy the cool streams flowing out of the high country this time of year best part about Bendigo is its central location most places we like to go are a couple of hours away at most.
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    I am from Loxton which is on the banks of the Murray river in SA just over the Victorian border. Short trips for us are usually in the Western Deserts of Victoria and into SA, Sunset NP is 20 minutes away for us and Big Desert, Ngarkat and Dangalli all get a look in from time to time. Generally I don't so as many short trips as I would like due to the hassles of life that always seem to get in the way, so we really look forward to our longer trips which are increasingly focused on the Desert regions of Australia, the further away from civilisation the more appealing they tend to be.

    Cheers Andrew
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    I'm from Young in NSW about 2 hours from Wagga Wagga, Canberra and Orange. Still trying to figure out somewhere good to test out the fourby.

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    Formally lived in Blue Mts NSW now live Brisbane Northside
    Great idea Gary.
    im now residing on the Brisbane Northern Suburbs on a acre block fronting the fresh water section of the Sth Pine River. We moved here just on 2 years ago due to family care needs for my wife. Unfortunately we have not had a chance to explore the D'aguiler ranges that I sit and stare at from our verandah here. It is the plan to break that bad habit soon and get out and poke the noise around.We have done the beach thing up here but fun as it is, I am more into mountains and dams for camp locations.

    I think it is ironic as prior to moving we lived for 30 years in the Northern Side of the NSW Blue Mts (Bells Line of Rd side) at a pinnacle point with views for approx 180 plus degrees from west up the Grose Valley towards the North of Wentworth Falls and Blackheath and extending all the way round to views over the Wollemi wilderness towards Mt Yengo in the Hunter.
    From home it was easy to slip away for a 1 or 2 nighter camp in the Mountains and the central west.
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    Wellington N.S.W
    I'm in Wellington, came out here from the Central Coast to do one job back in Feb 07, still haven't made it back home as yet lol, used to go to Glenawn dam at least 4 times a year, went to lake Sinclair a couple of times & the watagans was pretty close to home so was always up there, well since i am still out in Wellington i now have Burrendong dam only 15 20 mins down the road so somewhere nice and close to camp & fish, hopefully next year i can spend a bit more time out camping fishing & panning for gold in the central west, had a bit of a wake up call this week when a long time friend since kindergarten told me he just found out he has cancer and has been given less than 3 months to live & no treatment was offered, I think this news hit home with me & its time to start living for today, no more putting stuff off until i retire, my mate is younger than me and only 54 so you just never know when your number will be called,

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    We live in the lower Hunter Valley. We are retired and we are travellers rather than campers. We are usually away for more than 6 months in any year. Our wings have been clipped somewhat with Gail needing to attend for a monthly medical procedure. We will be travelling to Perth for xmas with 2 of the kids as we were able to get her Jan @ Feb treatments transfered there. In 2018 we will travell mainly in NSW until she gets medical clearance and then we will go back yo longer explorations of the country.

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    Central Qld.
    I'm not a regular poster, but I have a look in every now and then. We live in the centre of the universe, aka The Gemfields, central Qld.

    Back in our caravanning days, we made an annual pilgrimage south to catch up with family in the Lake Macquarie area and then we would continue on to South Oz and spend a couple of months fishing. We ditched the caravan mode of travel and now do shorter runs with an off-road gear carrier trailer and tent, mainly into the back blocks of western Qld, the occasional run to the coast for a bit of fishing, but generally like to get away from the 'mobs' as much as possible. For us, setting up camp at a remote river location and having it all to ourselves doesn't get much better. Are we selfish? You betcha.


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