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Thread: Photobucket wows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redback View Post
    Great, means I can post pics from the AULRO GALLERY, BTW that's the intersection of the Gunbarrel and Gary Hwy.
    Brings back good memories for me. I really want to go back there and turn North up the Gary.................. work is seriously interfering with my desire to go bush

    Cheers Andrew
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    My FB account is currently overdue, and I logged on this morning to check out my account. Holey hell, I got smashed with adds, almost to the point that it was impossible to even log on. We don't have good internet speed here at the best of time, and all these adds caused havoc. I don't want to be renewing my subscription for the rest of my life, but I don't want to lose the impact all my photos have on all the threads I have on here either. So if you see broken links with my photos, you'll know why.

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