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Thread: Twelvepointfour's Landcruiser 76

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    Twelvepointfour's Landcruiser 76

    Well, yesterday everything went to plan. I drove just over 500 k's to Newcastle to have a look at a 76 series GXL. It was a long drive which seemed to take longer the closer I got but was more than worth it. The 76 is in excellent condition and the throaty growl had me sold immediately. An hour later I drove to Sydney and I honestly don't think I've enjoyed driving a car more. The D-Max, even being the first brand new car I've owned and being a great vehicle, didn't fill me with the same joy I got, and am still getting, driving that cruiser. It has oodles of power on tap, and pulls up hills in 5th easy as. Anyway, enough of my love story, here's a bit about the car.

    It's a 2014 GXL 76 series. I was thrilled to find the previous owner had paid the extra 2 grand to get air conditioning... It has the standard front and rear lockers, another thing I was stoked about, I've never had a 4wd with lockers before, I can't wait to test them out. I think it'll be easier to list what it has.

    - Lockers
    - Mud tyres in reasonable condition
    - Lightforce Genysis HID's
    - Beaudesert exhaust, though I'm not sure whether it's a full system or what it is exactly, the dealer didn't know it had it
    - Genuine bullbar
    - Ironman side-steps with brush rails
    - Electronic rust protection (though I don't know if that's actually worth it)
    - Diff breathers
    - Genuine snorkel
    - Electronic brake controller
    - Dual battery tray - no battery, he must have taken that out, but at least the tray is a good $150+ saved

    That's about all for accessories, but I'm incredibly happy with that list. It's a lot of money I don't have to fork out. I'll add a winch and UHF and it's ready for adventures. Although it's utilitarian, I find it comfy and really quite nice to drive. It's smooth and even with the exhaust it doesn't seem to drone at highway speeds.

    Anyway, this thread is useless without pics....


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    Great colour mate. My favourite. Lots of good stuff on it already to. You've done well.

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    Nice pick up mate, tidy truck with a few extra goodies on it already. Good to see you spending all that recall / overtime money wisely The sound of the TDV8 and that exhaust note will certainly make you smile more than the sound the D-Max made!

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    Looks the goods, im sure it will serve you well for many years.
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    Nice one mate! These would have to be my favourite 4wd by far. If money was no object I would have one for sure!

    I also know what you mean about "utilitarian". I prefer that too. Nothing wrong with that. AC is the only real luxury that you need.

    Looks like you might need a suspension lift!

    Again, congrats! Look forward to seeing photos of you enjoying the beast.
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    If only they came in auto and a coil rear end! I know I'm getting soft in my old age
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    nice looking wagon.lots of wont be disappointed with the V8
    don't forget to check sealing on std snorkel and especially where it goes into air box toyota std fit is not great.
    also might pay to have a look at 4wd superstore when you decide to get a winch they have 12000 lb jobbies with rope for under $350 if you watch for a while .normally about $375 delivered but specials come up most weeks.


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    I'm not bogged! It's called 'Strategic Recovery Practice'. twelvepointfour's Avatar
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    Cheers guys, really enjoying it so far. I was showing a mate today and he said "you hit something!" and showed me a chunk of paint off the scrub bars.. I'm pretty unhappy, lucky I had the bars on there. Only very minor damage to the bodywork and only paint off the bar, but there is a small dent in the back of the bull bar as well. I thought back on it, and I've definitely not hit anything, but I did notice when I went back to my car in a carpark today, it looked wonky in the space, I am fairly sure I parked straight. I think a delivery truck has brushed against my cruiser and pushed it out of the way a little bit. I'm pretty annoyed, but thankfully it has the protection it has and no major damage. The paintwork will buff out and the bar should be easy enough to buff out.

    Howard, I saw those winches and they look good for the money, I'm just concerned about the longevity of it. Do you know of anyone with one? Have you got one on your 79?

    I just ordered an LED light bar because I just don't think they can be beaten for over all spread. I ordered THIS one, it's very similar to the original one I had on my old ute except it has 20w cree LED's, I'll be interested to see how they go!

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    Great buy. The fun now begins with the aftermarket stuff, some of it imperative, other bits depending on coin and personal preference.

    From the looks of the pics it seems hat it needs a 2" lift and with that you will need to look at the options to fix the rear axle track issue with the 70 series vehicles.



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    Good work with the purchase mate, well done. Is there any chance you could find the delivery driver through CC footage? I would be pretty gosh darn cranky if that was my car.

    Those Supacentre winches have got a pretty good rep. I know a few blokes who have had them for a while with no real issues.

    I wouldn't stress about the different axle widths unless you get into super serious stuff it is a pretty big outlay to fix properly - ceck opn JMACX for more info.
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