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Thread: EDS from Supacentre - any one using one?

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    EDS from Supacentre - any one using one?

    Hi team,

    I've been thinking that it's time to get some sort of a scan tool to be able to read/reset engine codes when out in the bush. Has anyone used the EDS from 4WDSupaCentre?

    From my research, it looks like Berrima Diesel started importing/selling these things a while ago (, which gives me good confidence that the unit's not some el-cheapo piece of junk. I like that it's a relatively stand-alone piece of equipment that's hardwired - less to go wrong.

    Has anyone used one of these?

    Primary usage is for fault code reading and clearing, but I'm guessing the live display of sensor data would be handy. Originally I was looking at a hand-held device (like this - ), but I'm coming around to something like the EDS. My biggest concern is whether it gives any information about the fault codes (IE, "Left-hand front wheel-speed sensor" vs "ERR205").

    I know the Scan Gauge used to be the gold standard, and I'm guessing it still is. The Ultra Gauge is another one that I've looked into, but it's got a pretty large display. Hoping to keep it less ostentatious. Having an iPhone I can't use Torque, and the eBay wifi ELM readers seem to vary in price and usefulness.

    Thoughts? Should I just look at a wifi ELM dongle and an iPhone app?

    What are people using these days?

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    I have a cheap one form ebay ($7). Don't know how it displays codes but you could download themand save them somewhere. Download the app also and customise your screento watch the data. I don't know what the others cost but for the price...

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    I have one of those EDS thingys and have never got around to setting it up. I will get to it someday
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    I have one permanently mounted in my Patrol, works as good as the hand held one we use at work. I use it to better monitor engine temp, volts, manifold pressure ( helps to figure out boost) & cleared the code for the EGR. Worth the small outlay I reckon.

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    I have eds in both my trucks and they work well and clear codes too, I found them very good
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    Just on the other side of the coin, I bought one and it worked really well until the screen started dying. The LCD screen didn't like the interior heat through summer

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