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Thread: Pinnacle Trail - Capertee to Sunny Corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANT View Post
    Nice. A bit too far for us for weekend trips but will have to look at a time to explore that area one day.
    Cheers, it's an area I'm keen to look around more in, seems to be no shortage of areas to check out

    Quote Originally Posted by swampy View Post
    Thanks for the report. Pretty nice area up through there, I've been there a few times now and definitely will check out flat rock campground next time.
    Was lucky enough to have the campground loaded into my Hema which has "Camps 7" loaded otherwise would never have found it

    Quote Originally Posted by rags View Post
    Great country, I know this track/ trip well. The first camp ground you came to after crosing the turon river (the spur on your trip note) was a favourite of ours. We would take a leisurely drive out to Capertee and after stopping for a pot pie at the Capertee Pub would head down for an over night camp.
    one of the things I miss now after moving to Qld from the Blue Mts.
    SOunds like a trip to the pub is in order for lunch next time we head up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mick_C View Post
    Excellent report and some some great pics to go with it. Abit of topic but is that a homestead swag? What do you think of it?
    Certainly is a homestead swag mate. Had it for a few years now and love it, so comfortable and was still warm despite the weather. Only real downside is it is pretty bulky when packed up but being in the car by myself most of the time it's not an issue and can always chuck it up on the roof rack if I need the space.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harps View Post
    Nice one Ryan! There are so many great locations in Aus. I didnt know about this park until your report.

    -3 is pretty chilly.

    Vic High Country must be calling...
    One day mate, one day. VHC is definitely on the wishlist of places to get to. Life just seems to keep getting in the way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    Nice report. I have only been up that way once, the frustrating drive from Sydney to the Blue Mountains turns me off going to many places up there.

    If you are looking for some company next time, please contact me.
    Thanks Frank, will do. I know what you mean about the drive. We left Saturday morning from my mates place at Leichardt and I drove home to the Central coast on Sunday, neither were quick trips. I think to make the most of it you need at least a long weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANT View Post
    Nice. A bit too far for us for weekend trips but will have to look at a time to explore that area one day.
    4hrs tops mate and so much to see.

    Great report RJ
    Cheers Baz.

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