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Thread: Snag Curry Pot

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    Snag Curry Pot

    Simple and yum recipe that I often cook when camping is the good old Snag Curry Pot

    1x pack of 8 snags - I prefer flavoured ones like herb and garlic or honey readly available at local woolies
    1x Continental Curray Snag mix
    2x Onions
    2x table spoons of dead horse
    Sml Bag of Spuds to suite
    Carrots and pumpkin also work well in this one all cut chunky style..

    Cut snags into bite size bits and add onion and curry mix over the top
    add the spud and other veg and then dead horse
    cover in two cans of tomato soup and top up with water if needed somtimes half a can or full can to cover veg
    cook on camp coals for around an hour to and hour n half depending on size and amount of veg
    remove lid to thicken and dinner is served
    a good bread like damper works great for soaking up the source

    Untitled by Mac Kelly, on Flickr
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    Nothing wrong with some curried snags. Looks good.

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    nothing wrong with your appetite Pacs
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    More so looking forward to our next camp away.

    Always good when someone else does the cooking, sounds good

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    I can say from personal experience this is a winner!

    And the Ozpig is awesome to cook with.
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    Reckon I'll try this at home!!

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