Hey so I'm buying a Kulkyne Homestead Swag, but cannot decide between the single or the double.
My thinking is I want the swag to last me a quite a few years and if I were to meet someone then I dont want to have to pay out another $600 to buy a double down the line, when i could just pay an extra $100 to buy the double now. And in the mean time i can either share with a friend or put an air mattress(if the hight of the swag allows) so i can spread out with out feeling the bar down the middle.
But I'm a tad worried about if I have to set it up and pack it up by myself, and weather it takes longer then the single to set up.

Also before anyone starts with the "why dont you just get a swag that rolls out on the ground?"
I have one, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, and I used it for that past year and found that due to a disability i have its impractical for me to sleep on the ground and after looking for a strecher to go under it I found the homesteads.
I havent camped alone in the Big Daddy so have never had to roll it up alone and even then my friend and step dad end up being the ones to roll it up as im usually busy either packing up something else or cooking, so i dont really have anything to compair to.
And no i didnt plan for me to be busy everytime my swag was packed up it just happened that way bc some people are just to impatient but hey i aint complaining lol
Ive heard nothing but great things about the homestead swags though most of them are from people who own the single so my issues dont apply to them.

TLDR: The main questions I need to be able to decide are.
How hard is it to set up and pack up the Kulkyne Double Homestead Swag?
Is the set up between the single and double any different?
Will it fit an air mattress in it?
Though I am mostly set on the double i dont want to spend so much if it wont be practical.


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