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Thread: Jamo's Barrington Weekend 2016

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    Jamo's Barrington Weekend 2016

    AREA/REGION: Barrington Tops National Park, Hunter Valley NSW
    ROADS TRAVELLED: Barrington Tops Forest Rd, Tubrabucca Rd, Green Gap, polblue trail, Bullock Brush, Thunderbolts trail, Pheasant creek, Boundary trail, Tomalla Rd maybe a few others time will tell
    CLOSEST TOWN/S: Moonan Flat
    MAPS USED (brand/area): 4WD Treks Close to Sydney / MudMaps2 App.
    ACCESSIBILITY (4WD, AWD, 2WD): 2WD on main forest Rd, Low 4 in some Areas
    PHONE RECEPTION (yes/no/poor): Patchy pockets with Telstra only capable of sending a message
    PERMIT REQUIRED (yes/no/cost): No
    PET FRIENDLY (yes/no): No pets allowed
    ATTRACTIONS (views/waterfalls/ruins/walks): trout fishing, lookouts, walks, water falls
    FACILITIES (toilet/shower/drinking water): Scattered toilets our camp site will have a long drop no water available anywhere it's BYO.

    Planning Thread:- Barrington Tops 26/27th Nov 2016

    I think this will be more a pictorial than a trip report, so I hope it works out.

    My last trip away with Jamo and Frank had been to Mount Kaputar back in May of 2015, so I was looking forward to catching up with them again for this weekend up at the Barrington Tops.

    Penny and I were a little impatient to get away, so decided to head up Friday afternoon, rather than waiting for the others on Saturday.

    We decided to call into the Victorian Hotel at Moonan for a quick counter meal.

    .......... and yes, a refreshing beverage as well.

    These two cool looking bikes turned up, and I just couldn't resist a photo of them in front of the Jeep.

    Once we were fed and hydrated, we hit the dirt for the run up the mountain to the dingo gate.

    The main Barrington Tops Forest Road was in the best condition I'd seen it in a long time.

    We called into the Firs picnic area and then headed up to Polblue Camp ground, where we planned to spend the night.

    The swag was set up, and we spent the afternoon just roaming around a few of the sights in the immediate area.

    A couple of nice hearty steaks were cooked up as the sun was slowly setting.

    With a total fire ban in place, a very cool breeze blowing through, and nothing to keep us warm, it was an early night for the both of us.

    Saturday morning started off a little foggy over the swamp, but soon cleared into a lovely day.

    First a coffee, then a good feed of bacon and eggs.

    The kookaburras at breakfast time were very friend, almost too friendly, with one taking it upon himself to swoop down on my plate to grab whatever he could in the split second.

    After breaky we packed up and headed off to meet Jamo and Frank at Manning River Camp ground.

    After a quick bite to eat for lunch we were off, following Jamo as we criss crossed the area between Barrington Tops Forest Road and Tubrabucca Road.

    Before ending up at Devils Hole Lookout to take in the magnificent view.

    About mid afternoon we arrived at Little Murray campground, and as it looked so good, we decided to put the touring on hold for the afternoon and setup camp for a relaxing afternoon.

    A great afternoon and night was had, telling yarns and reliving previous trips.

    Sunday morning saw Frank and Jamo pack and leave us again, whilst Penny and I kicked back a bit longer and pack up at a snails pace, before heading back to the main road.

    Down the mountain we went.

    Until we found a cool spot on the backs of a river to air up for the trip home on the bitumen.

    A massive thanks to Jamo for inviting us along on this trip, and a big thumbs up to Frank to coming so far to share the weekend with up.

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    Fantastic scenery - looks like a brilliant trip.

    I've had Barrington Tops on the list of "must dos" for when we venture down south one day. This has just reinforced that.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

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    That's looks like it was a very relaxing weekend in a top spot, only a little jealous here

    Makes me want to pack up the Prado and head bush, hopefully soon.

    Cheers Andrew
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    I am glad y'all liked my jaunt in my neck of the woods. Next one will be a little longer and unexplored territory. Either from scone to nundle or Turon river. Both longer dirt touring routes. Stay tuned

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