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Thread: Additional Diesel Filtration

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    G'day Laurie, since starting the thread have heard of quite a few more who have experienced dodgy fuel.
    Have some some helpful recommendations on here & will check out your link too.
    I'm still a few weeks from the new wheels but will be doing something.
    Cheers, Ray

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    Hi team,

    I've been researching this a bit lately, and have independently come to the same conclusion - I really should have read the forum first.

    Personally, I had settled on the DieselCare FuelManager unit, as a secondary filter, but I *really* wanted one with a water alarm. I'd got all discouraged, but now I see you can buy a water sensor kit that attaches to the bottom of the FM unit:

    Not exactly cheap, but lets me buy the main unit now and add on the water sensor down the track when funds allow.

    I think that's the way I'm going to go.

    Chickens dig panel damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
    Check the warranty implications before you install anything. Some manufacturers will use any excuse to avoid warranty claims
    Spot on fella
    And even more so if you are planning to install a filtration system after the factory system

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