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Thread: My GUIV by Touring Rich. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattsglxr View Post
    That's a fair effort for 9yrs as it got a fair old workout. Did you keep the old one in case you need spares? I noticed in ARB the other week they now have awnings in a hard case instead of vinyl.
    Yes mate I kept the old one. It sure did get a workout! I think the hard case ones are more expensive. This one is a 2.5 x2.5 so a little bigger.

    Here is a review and maintinace tips I filmed today. Just a quick clip.

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    Id have to agree with Rich, my old ARB awning same size has weathered the exact same and broken the same straps. I actually painted my bag black as it was near on white. But also very happy with the 10 years I have used mine.
    Not long after purchase when setting up, I had the whole awning flip over the Patrol in a freak gust of wind with no damage can you believe!
    Highly recommended, even if it cost a little more than others out there.
    Adam aka Smokey

    2.8's Sound great, but a worked 3.0L goes better

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