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Thread: GU Patrol door trims - Removing and Re Fitting

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    GU Patrol door trims - Removing and Re Fitting

    In response to a question on another thread from Rich after I had to remove a door trim this is some info and pics about it. Hopefully it will help anyone else who has to remove one(or more). This is on a GUIV, I assume that GU V to VIII are the same and I suspect earlier ones probably are also.

    I took our passenger side front trim off to check the speaker. Didn't take pics while pulling it apart but after purchasing a pair of new speakers today I had to fit them and took pics of the various parts and how they fit back together. Removal is a reverse of this process. The first one I did took ages as I spent ages poking around, gently levering the panel open and peering in with a torch to see where clips were, etc.

    This is the door without the trim but with the new speaker fitted. It was full of dust, etc inside the trim so cleaned everything up as I went.

    These are the various bits that make up the internal trim. There is the main skin part, two components to make the arm rest and handle, a small trim for the triangular bit where the front of the window and the lower door section meet, a trim that fits around the door handle and a bunch of screws.

    I gave each part a clean and a drink of Meguiars. So easy to get into all the little corners when the parts are all separated and the Meguiars stuff leaves it looking loved and cared for. Once each part was cleaned I started putting things back together. The main trim part clips over the window sill starting at the back (the non hinge side) of the door then pushes down and you will feel it clip back into place. Once that sill section is down tight press in all the clips around the external perimeter of the panel. When you are taking this panel off there is only one clip in a timber / craft type board that may pull out through the panel. This is located at the front of the door reasonably high up behind the cloth insert section.

    Once the panel is ion place replace the three large silver headed screws that go in the area behind the arm rest section.

    The next piece to put back is that small triangular trim in the front corner of the door. It has two lugs and one of those little Christmas tree clips.

    The front arm rest section which houses the electric switches slides in forwards then clips downwards. Don't forget to plug in the connectors for the window / locking switches, etc.

    The next item is the rear padded section of the armrest. Again this slides in forwards then clips down. Here you can see the clip on the front end of it that needs to go under the front section. Once in place use the long black screw to screw the arm rest section down through the hole at the bottom of the pull section you use to close the door.

    Finally clip the little fascia surround for the door handle back in place. There is a thin long bit which goes at the bottom front of the handle.

    All done! For those of you that took note of the pic of the screws up near the start, there was one more screw in that pic than I used to put the door trim back on. I think it must be left over from yesterday when I pulled out the glove box... That seems to happen from time to time.

    Dave and Fiona

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    That's a great guide Dave. One of the hardest things is finding info in relation to where the trim clips are located, what they look like and how they should come out. The GU folk on here will be pleased with you.

    So all the clips remained in tact? Good on you if so

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    Great write up Dave. Looks like things haven't changed much from the Series 1 Patrol either.

    Here is a series of photos from when I had my driver's door apart, they may help owners of the earlier models also.

    My cousin who is a mechanic used to call those extra bolts left over at the end of a job "left shoulder bolts", because that's were they went. LOL

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    Thats a very helpful right up Dave Pictures sure help too.
    On Days Like This I'd Rather Be In The High Country

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    Thanks Guys.
    Very helpful.


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    Dave thanks again for the images mate it's much appreciated!
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