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Thread: 2015 Annual Meet @ Bendethera

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    2015 Annual Meet @ Bendethera

    Well the numbers came and the numbers went, and we were eventually left with a group of 7 enthusiastic campers for the Annual Meet this year, all arriving in the beautiful Bendethera Valley at various times during the week.

    Our little convoy from the Hunter valley arrived in camp mid to late afternoon on Friday.

    We all set up camp and enjoyed catching up with everyone around the fire.

    Saturday we woke to a misty morning.

    Richard kicking back as the sun slowly burnt off the fog.

    Max brought a Bruiser load of mountain ash, which combined with everyone else contributions, gave us a generous fire for the whole weekend.

    The camp fire was the focal place for most of the weekend.

    Once breakfast was out of the way, we all took a relaxing drive further along the valley to where the old Bendethera homestead originally stood. This drive saw plenty of river/creek crossings.

    Views around the homestead site were spectacular.

    The old baking ovens.

    Few more water crossings on the way back to camp.

    Plenty of great camping sites in the valley.

    Back to camp for a bit of lunch and a few more stories.

    After lunch a few of us went down to one of the deeper crossings, for a little water fording practice, with the added benefit of cleaning all the mud out from under our 4bys.

    Penny and I were very comfortable in the camper.

    Max's quarters.

    Saturday night saw young Cooper and I trying a little time lapse photography.

    Ray and Sheree's camp of a night.

    Sunday morning was another foggy/misty start to the day, however this soon disappeared to bless us with a beautiful blue sky. Todd and the kids packed to head for home, and the rest of us decided to do another day drive to dry creek, which turned out a little more eventful than we really hoped for, with Richards 100 Series suffering CV shaft issues with saw him limp into Moruya after out lunch stop at Dry Creek.

    Once we knew Richard had everything sort at Moruya, we left him there and headed back to camp, with plans to tow his camper out for him the next morning.

    It was hard to leave such a beautiful spot on Monday, however we knew we had a long drive to get home, and so got going mid morning, with Ryan towing Richards camper, to get it back to Moruya for Richard. It was a slow and steady climb out of the valley for us, but everything went to plan and we soon met up with Richard again at the mechanical shop, and were pleased to hear that it had been an easy fix for his Cruiser. We all had lunch together, and then us Hunter Valley Jeepers headed for home.

    Whilst it was a smaller group this year, it was still a fantastic meet, with the opportunity to meet new people and also catch up with others we hadn't seen in many months and some even years.

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    Still looks pretty good down in the valley, good to see those that turned up enjoyed it.

    What happened to all the Victorians
    Cheers Baz.

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    Looks like a great place! I'm going to have to get down there one day.
    On days like this I'd rather be west of the Darling!

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    Very picturesque place by the looks, good to hear everyone had a good time.
    Cheers Dave

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    Very nice spot, hope you all had great time

    Cheers Rusty

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    Well done to everyone that made it!!

    Looks like a great place


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    We slacked off Baz ,tried to get there but the gods seemed to be against us this time ,hmm need a good excuse one of the minions is a red head ,the other one is short ,I had a hairdressers appointment , nah got nothing for you Baz
    My first impressions of the pictures ,was very Wonnagatta,ish.
    Yes we now have a new firewood general ,crackin load of wood there Max ,good skills matey ,also good to see the weather gods were nice and you seemed to have the place yourselves
    Hopefully I can get my effluent together for the next Adventure

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    I had to work Baz, and then I had a date at the V8 supercars.

    Looked like a good weekend.
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    Nice write up Gary and great pics as always.

    Will try and add some of my pics later. Thanks to everyone that made it, had a great weekend. Keen for the next one already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rj_jk View Post
    Nice write up Gary and great pics as always.

    Will try and add some of my pics later. Thanks to everyone that made it, had a great weekend. Keen for the next one already.
    Thanks for helping to make it an enjoyable weekend away Ryan.

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