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Thread: Winch Retainer Strap

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    Howdy I myself used to think the same till a few years ago
    I had to retrieve my boat ,over a bank to near the camper
    Well the eyelet was corroded beyond repair and I nearly sailed off into the creek , much to brother in laws mirth
    These winch strappy things ,do they self tighten
    If they don't ,and I'm running rope ,I will have a self tightening knot in play Hopefully
    I have no faith whatsoever in the eyelets / whatever they are called
    My two bobs worth anyway

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    What stops the rope pulling off the drum under load is not the eyelet, it's the friction of the rope on the drum, which is why you don't completely unspool the rope, usually 7 turns is what you leave. The winch retainer strap is only meant to stop you from unspooling the rope too far, so it only needs to be strong enough to stop you.

    Cheers Andrew
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redback View Post
    How about $2 plus postage, that sounds fair to me, I'll have two.

    Baz and anyone else that wants these if you really want to pay how about you just send me a prepaid self addressed envelope with a note of how many you want if you want more than 1. If you want you can put a coin donation in but it's not necessary and I will just put it in a good causes donation box anyway.

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    I spoke to Kerry about this, she said she'll knock up a couple if I really want one, thanks for the offer Justin.
    Cheers Baz.

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    Just thought I'd update this thread. I finally fitted a retainer strap to my winch rope and it's pretty good. The rope ends up tightening on itself, there's no way I can imagine that the rope will pull off as the more tension that's applied, the tighter it locks onto itself.

    Glad I did it / got one.
    See you down the road,
    - Matt.

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    Hi all and sorry to exhume an old post.

    I just noticed that my eyelet has pulled from the rope and I've had a crack at opening it up. - Ive put some rope back into the eyelet but not confident it'll hold. I realise the rope tension on the drum is what holds it in place but was thinking of getting a needle & thread and making one with some webbing from a tie down.

    For those that did make one, how are they holding up? I'm guessing it doesn't need to be stitched up like a recovery strap and the weight of the tension will keep the two ends sandwiched together?

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