Hello all,

I am not sure if this is new or not?

I dropped into my map store today and picked up yet another map for an upcoming trip. Normally i get my paper maps laminated as i did tonight. Durable, something you can throw on the bonnet and sus out where you are with your mates. Plus if its wet keeps the rain off your head.

Any how the lady pointed out that they are now producing water proof maps that are cheaper than the laminated ones. A bit more durable than the un laminated paper maps and less resistant to tears and water proof.

She is an elderly lady and a wealth of information in regards to touring. Must admit love having a yak with her.

After my purchase. She said have a smell of this? The waterproof map she meant. Yes a different scent with this particular paper.

Glad i was looking at a map of VIC area and not TASSY

Seriously. If you are into cycling/ motorcycling less bulk.

Cheers all