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Thread: eBay LED Light bars

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    Digging this one back up from the dead.

    Anyone have any recent LED Light bar info - what's good / what's not / has the state of the art moved on any?

    I've been looking at the Stedi ST2K range, which look amazing, but at $500 are out of my price range for now. EBay has a wide selection of el-cheapo options, including from Sunyee, but these are all the old 3w LED designs. Rigid Industries are still selling their range for $2,500+.

    I must admit, I do really like the Stedi units, and they seem to have a very good reputation. I'm loathe to buy an eBay cheapie, but on the other hand, for the money, even if I get 12 months out of it it might be a good buy. Maybe the 3W options are still being churned out because they're good?

    What are people buying these days?

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    Love my STEDI lightbar, and at just over $200 it was good value as well.

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