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Thread: Tips on "3 second" popup tents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpjockey02 View Post
    Robmacca I just happened to be in BCF over here in OZ and they were having a sale on pop ups. I picked up the 4 man Coleman for $99 and decided to try it out with the nephews. I threw it up and presto its open like literally 3 seconds. I pegged it down on the base and put over the fly. it fit me and my two nephews easy and the headroom was good. I put it under trees and it survived medium rain and strong wind. I then had a gale so pegged out the fly. no leaks to report.
    I had it up fpr a week in the backyard and no worries. On packing it up I noticed the effort in the design the fly has been really well thought out and the tent in general. The 4 man in good for two adults and great for upto three kids. It packed up in like five seconds, It was ridiculous. :If you have put away those beach shelters you will have no problems.
    One thing is the zippers do get caught in the zipper flaps a bit.
    It packs away seriously small.
    I am getting a tarp for the base.
    One thing it opens on the side so if your using bunks or stretches look for one that opens at the end.
    I will keep you posted on its wear and tear.

    Any Chance of some photos??

    I tried the Malamoo Xtra and found it no good.... I couldn't lie down in it nor my Black Wolf Self inflating Mattress, so I'm still looking

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    Have the Malamoo Mega 4 person.

    We do a LOT of boat based camping and this has become our go to for trips of about 5 days or less.

    It is sold as a "mega" and "4 person" - but it really is a spacious tent for 2... or maybe a night or two with a small child...

    It fits a queen matress in it - with about 25cm down each side for bags etc. The head end also has a small bow / rounded end to fit another bag.

    The vestibule is great - but NOT waterproof...

    The tent itself has kept us dry through some pretty impressive storms and heavy rain... and the shape makes it resistant to wind (but peg it out or it will blow away!)

    The vestibule - this is a neat feature - but could be so easily improved with some minor changes. The problem is - the floor has perforations in the vestibule - so sand / mud / ground water will come in.. and soak your gear. The flaps on the vestibule zip up down the sides - but nothing along the base.. In heavy rain / wind - the vestibule door blows in, and directs run / run off water straight into the vestibule and over any gear...

    The vestibule really needs a solid floor like the tent, and a proper flap that can be zipped up along the base as well as walls - to keep your gear dry and this area actually usable.

    The tent packs up easily (youtube on snowy's web site first few times and watched step by step) and stows beautifully onboard the boat and weighs about 7kg.

    They are currently on sale for $350 with a $50 cash back - so $300; a great buy. I would buy another one.

    Def use a ground sheet though - the floor is the same material as the walls - and scuffs easily.

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