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Thread: Ferndale Park

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    Quote Originally Posted by Touring Rich View Post
    Looks like a great spot Greig. Any fish there?
    There was a group fishing just down from us, but didn't see if any of them caught anything...

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    Was up there a few weekends ago and a mate and myself wanted to take a drive to fryin pan to check it out. Heard of it but never been.
    We took the long way on what we thought were fire trails but it quick degraded to grown over ...where did the track go type deal.
    I think we headed up wangat rd and down bush mill. dont quote me though.
    We pushed through but encountered a steep incline at which point we turned around. Dont recall the name of the track though but it did appear on maps.
    The old delica pushed through but has the pin striping to prove it was tight .

    Did like ferndale though. Also took the mountain bike with for a ride.
    If you go straight across the river and chuck a left there is a nice hill climb section to the top for a nice view. its a quick trip back down too

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    just confirming it was bushmill we were on.

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