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Thread: Jamo's MN Triton

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    Jamo's MN Triton

    2009 MN GLXR first of the 2.5L
    Mods List
    ARB Deluxe bullbar
    TJM side steps and brushbars
    Hayman Reese towbar with rear step
    TJM 10000lb winch FSWR (FSWR removed and Dynamica rope installed)
    Bushskinz bashplate and front actuator plate
    Kelly Safari TSR 265/70/17 Loadrange E
    Ultimate Suspension 2" H/Duty liftkit <-- Highly recommend these guys!
    GME TX3420
    RF industries CD440 antenna
    MMCS GPS override with Ipod charging (replaced IPOD lead)
    the wetseat seat covers
    2x work lights on sportsbar (removed with tub)
    2x reverse lights on rear step (removed with tub)
    retrofit HID 4300K 35W mitsubishi headlights (removed)
    XXX HID 200mm Driving lights (replaced)
    Ipad mini with Memory map
    ARB tie down track custom fitted for extra strength (removed with tub)
    XKglow 10x rock crawling lights (4/10 survived torture test, 2 removed with tub)
    Steel Obieco tray w 3" headboard + tail rack
    TJM roof top tent on removable frame
    Lightforce Venoms 50W
    22" dual row ebay lightbar

    near future mods
    Long range Fuel tank
    Custom Cut ML towbar for greater departure angle (rescue only, MN towbar will be fitted for towing duties)
    3.15 if not 2.85 Low range reduction gearing (standard 1.9)
    Front E locking Differential

    the old steed, great ute with 200kg on the back, great fuel economy all the time.. just way to ruff as it was nicknamed

    first job get the UHF and spotties from the BT50 in and on.

    Very early on i had the ARB bullbar fitted

    while looking for pics i found this one,

    tieing dirtbikes in soon set me on a chase to find a better way of tieing them in. ARB tiedown rail apparently good for 1800kg with 6mm countersunk bolts, 2" flat washers and locknuts. so i over engineered and slipped 20x3mm mild steel bar, drilled, tapped and cold gal'ed and sliped up in behind the tray then locknutted in. Not wanting to fork out for rhino lining or the like but i wanted some kind of floor protection for the tub i bought horse float matting.

    Chucked on some 30" bighorns and set off for adventures with to wallaroo and Mt Sugarloaf, this is where i learned about lift kits

    seeking some more ground clearance i got a 2" lift kit, brendan and jack from ultimate suspension sorted me out

    A mate was selling his triton so i snavelled his side steps brush bars and bash plates for a couple hundred bucks

    more ground clearance was wanting so i picked up a set of 32" mickey thompson ATZ 4ribs on ebay for $110 for 4
    Shot from "shopping trolley" at bylong creek. this shot made it into 4wd action

    a few more mods happened TJM winch, Scanguage, Volts gauge, Diff breathers, Safari Snorkel,
    Then a moment of my life that turned everything upside down, inside out, twisted 180 and shaken about, with no history, 2 warnings which prompted me to see a doctor but i sat on it too long and 4 days before i was due for my appointment. Cardiac Arrest

    i wish to make it clear that being curious, inquisitive or joke about it is no problem, ask/sledge away i might giggle a bit but that because questions are asked so often that i never occured to me. so they put a Defib in me, gave me 2 tablets to take daily for the rest of my life and sent me back off into the wild. No clinical cause found.
    This taught me so much patience, stress control, diet, cardiovascular care and it warped my already warped sense of humour. i figure were australians and thats one way we deal with things is humour. so beer tastes better, stress gets to me then i hit a zen point and i remember ive been through worse and replan and re attack. it has also made me realise i want to get out and do the things i want to do before i cant do it no more.
    I am fully abled, only real restriction is electro magnetic fields because it disables the defib. Being a HV sparkie by trade i have a good sense of whats safe and what isnt. in short i cant hang around big motors, big antennae, substations, welding or have mobile phone in my top pocket.

    On with the build!

    looking for something new that noone else had done yet on brothers i bought a rock crawling light kit which kinda failed but half of them are still connected and surviving the barrage of water, dirt, rock and everything in between

    The mickey thompsons wore down so i bought kelly safaris, brilliant tyre and will buy again

    after a few incidents of touch parking into trees while exploring i installed some more lighting since the lights at the top of the sports bar cast a shaddow, upgraded the narvas to XXX HIDs and retrofitted HIDs into the standard mitsu headlights (lotsa glare 2 light points in a single reflector.. yeah yeah yeah i know)

    and some first aid

    only other mod i have with no real pics is a ram mount and ipad mini running memory maps with NSW 25k topo

    other info about me
    im an 87 model, with now with EFI , bought my first house last year, live with my fiancee, i have a Border Collie called "Panda"

    i have dabbled in nearly every sport but still play golf 9 handicap

    I support the dragons in the NRL and the San diego Chargers in the NFL.
    ive traded in the dirtbikes for touring mods for the triton and decided to pick up new hobbies that compliment exploring Fossicking and Fishing

    thats my story so far and its about to get exciting
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    Looks like a good start with the Triton Jamo and an interesting story, good to hear you made it through
    Camping is where itís at #themissingl1ncs

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    Seriously Hooked
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    Brilliant intro! Best I think I've read.

    You're very lucky to have survived your heart problem, and it's a good reminder to all.

    Some of those mods you say you bought, I think almost stole would be a good description. You've done well over the years.
    Great to meet you yesterday. Now where is that photo of the new sticker on the Triton. LOL

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    Yea pretty sure I am in the negative now for luck I gotta work it back up. the whole story takes about 30mins to tell, I'll tell over a beer and campfire one eve.
    This actually started my build thread I just forgot to post them at the end. Also my beer went hot typing all that out..

    Plus the ritual.

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    Know the feeling Jamo,

    Thought I was having heartburn or heat stress in January this year, ended up copping a quadruple bypass operation for the ticker, into recovery phase now.

    You tend to grab a different view on life which pumbles other trivial problems into dust, especially when there is so much more living to do at your age.

    Hope all goes well with yours and look forward to sharing a beer or two over a campfire at a forum meet in the future.



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    A great range of pics mate, the triton looks like a capable unit!

    My Touring GU Patrol

    You Tube

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    Hi jammo
    Great looking Triton ,that's some story you have there.
    Cheers Rusty

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    Grouse looking Triton Jamo.
    Cheers Dave

    My farm ute

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    Mate a great intro and an even better look at life in general may have to catch up around a campfire somewhere
    Cheers. Graham

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