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Thread: "Buy, Swap or Sell" Rules and Sales Template

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    "Buy, Swap or Sell" Rules and Sales Template


    • Please read the Forum Rules prior to posting.
    • Advertisements in this area must contain a Sales Template (below) which has all the criteria completed where possible.
    • Please limit items in the "Buy, Swap & Sell" area to those directly related to four wheel drives, camping or travelling.
    • No general household items to be placed in this area.
    • Threads will be listed in order of date from the time of first posting, so bumping your thread to the top of the list is not possible.
    • No negative posts in regard to the items advertised will be tolerated.
    • Please only post in a thread if you require further information in regard to the item advertised or are genuinely interested.
    • Please include at the start of the thread title the state in which the item is located ie. (NSW), (QLD), (VIC) etc..
    • All thread titles must be specific as to what is for sale/wanted etc..
    • When a transaction has taken place please edit the thread title to indicate this, ie SOLD/FOUND.
    • Advertisements once marked as SOLD or FOUND will be deleted.
    • Edit the title of your thread as SOLD or FOUND also once the item/s has been SOLD/FOUND


    LOCATION (town, state or region):
    FREIGHT/DELIVERY (suggestions):
    CONTACT (phone number or PM):

    If you think anything else should be added to this template, please send a PM through to Gary.
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