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31-01-16, 10:57 AM
2016 Pirtek Fishing Challenge and Graham Barbour Memorial Competition

Its that time of year again for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge (https://pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au/)

Get behind a great cause and jump on board its only $25 to enter and there are some great prizes to be won

The challenge is nation wide so everyone can join in

When: Sunday 20th March

Also starting this year we are running a Graham Barbour Memorial Fishing Competition and Trip to be held on the 19th - 20th March each year coinciding with the Pirtek Challenge it also coincides with the opening of duck shooting season one of Grahams favorite times of the year.

There will be a trophy for the winner and a couple of runner up prizes for second and third including a kids section so grab the kids and get out on the water for the day or a river bank or impoundment anywhere in our great nation for a chance to win.

We are running our own separate format for the Memorial Comp and further information will be posted over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Standard rules will apply when measuring your catch and each member partaking will be issued a identification number with their forum user name.

The Standard fair play sportsmanship rules apply and anything deemed unsportsmanlike like will result in disqualification.

All you need to do to enter the comp is:
Request your member number in this thread
Go for a fish
Catch a fish
Photograph fish against any measuring device with member id
Submit your entry on this page

When submitting your entry please use the following format
Name of Angler:
State of Angler:
Location fish caught in:
Type and length of fish:
Tackle/Line/Lure used (optional):
Trip report link (optional but worth 5 pts):

MEASURING YOUR ENTRY: Fish must be measured against a brag mat, ruler or other measurement device, and be substantiated by a photo. Measurement will be ‘total length’ - from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail, with the fish in a natural position.

Members identification must be clearly visible in the photo.

01-02-16, 10:22 PM
Sounds awesome mate, bells are on already :)

It will be a great occasion to reflect on the great man too. He would be a definite starter.

01-02-16, 10:44 PM
Too right mate looks like its just you and me so far but that's okay will be great to catch up with Toogood and the boys I just hope the river is down compared to last year so we can wet the kayaks without ending up in the murray river

I'll bring a rod for OBJ and we can get him on the job

outback jack
01-02-16, 10:51 PM
I'll bring a rod for OBJ and we can get him on the job

I'm a certainty pacs, my job is camp oven cooking and keeping the beer cold cheers

01-02-16, 11:04 PM
Yeah we wont ask you to bring the spuds now will we :angler:

outback jack
01-02-16, 11:29 PM
Yeah we wont ask you to bring the spuds now will we :angler:

I don't think i'm ever going to live this one down :o:

01-02-16, 11:30 PM
Its okay mate I'll bring them you can keep the wood pile warm :P :angler:

outback jack
01-02-16, 11:31 PM
Its okay mate I'll bring them you can keep the wood pile warm :P :angler:

No wonder I drink so much cheers

01-02-16, 11:36 PM
nahh mate that was not you that was that Joffa bloke that supports the team with the bird logo you know the ones we always see sprawled on the road in a similar state I cant use the words here they may be classed as :language warning:

02-02-16, 07:52 PM
Yeap, hope the river is at a decent level. Might have to hit up Jim for some spots in the area otherwise. Was pretty hard to fish from the shore...

02-02-16, 07:59 PM
Yeah sure was and too dam cold to wade for long I tried and cut my leg open and it was so cold I didn't even feel it until I got out of the water even if we just make a quick paddle across to the other side the banks were clearer

We can run a rope across and jack can puly the beers over to us starjumpss

17-02-16, 05:09 PM
Okay Harps since its just a couple of us that are playing along for this one and after talking about it over the weekend here is was I propose we lock in for the future

Comp Runs from start of Decemeber Cod opening through to end of March just after Duck shooting weekend

We will use the following scoring system pdf here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmha73o6p7awe8g/Fishing%20Benchmarks.pdf?dl=0)

What do you think? gives everyone a chance and a fair chance to win

I'll get a trophy made and we can use this year as a kicker for ironing it all out as we have been yeah