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19-09-14, 10:18 PM
o well it been a long time coming but look out Tassie he we come one more sleep and we are of ,so as from tomorrow I will be putting up our happy snaps if the half as good as you guys I will be happy ,if you are on the hume and you see a prado driving like and old lady on the way to church , don't yell at her it mite be me

19-09-14, 10:27 PM
Hope you have a good trip Barney and Deb. I'll be looking forward to the photos from along the way.

19-09-14, 10:44 PM
What no Tuesday dinners for a while??? Lol

Enjoy guys

19-09-14, 10:51 PM
there is a young fella staying here so just drop by his mum is school cooking teacher so it should have rubbed of

19-09-14, 11:05 PM
Sounds good :-)

20-09-14, 07:07 AM
Happy trails Barney keep us updated cheers

20-09-14, 02:36 PM
Have a great trip mate :driver:

20-09-14, 03:39 PM
Barney don't go near the rivers ,I've seen the ads , Deb might accidentally push you in
Have a good trip you two and keep out of the pubs

20-09-14, 06:36 PM
We made it to melb staying the night near coburg we maybe going to the wood lands hotel tonight who's coming

20-09-14, 06:36 PM
Graham like your self how could she improve on perfection

20-09-14, 06:53 PM
Yeh your right fella , we would emerge from the river WET
Coburg eh , I'd be no chance matey , no good anyway the place used to be full of criminals , I'd never fit in :laughing:
Plus the hounds going to the gun club tomorrow
I'd like to hear of your trip report across, I reckon it should be fine , but I do hear of bad weather coming , but as we all know, this is why I'm not a weather man , but I can tell you we have bugger all wind at the moment , so happy sailing my friend
When the hooter sounds abandon ship , push the kids , those who sleep well and the small people out of the way and by all reports you should end up in Adelaide :laughing:
Have a good trip both of you, mind you not too good a trip either , some of us are still working :angryfist:

20-09-14, 08:16 PM
I hope you took your woolies.....Tassie hasn't warmed up yet !!!

20-09-14, 10:53 PM
Greg you have seen me Iam like a whale on land no cold here

21-09-14, 10:42 PM
Look out tassie here we come
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/269.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/269.jpg.html)

Touring Rich
21-09-14, 11:25 PM
Have fun Glenn!!

I'll be watching for updates!


22-09-14, 08:19 AM
Welcome to Tassie. Hope you enjoy this weather I ordered for you ;)

Grieg the weather is perfect atm I have just spent the weekend in shorts and tee shirt :)

25-09-14, 10:06 PM
Where is the most southern road in tassie

26-09-14, 07:17 AM
Cockle creek is the most southern road in oz. They just reopened the bridge down there 3 weeks ago. it is paid camping once you cross the bridge or free before the bridge. you also have hasting caves and the thermal pools just before you get down there. It is a great spot down there.

How are the travels around the state going?

ps: I have emptied my inbox if you wanted to re send the message I missed

01-10-14, 07:58 PM
Now our trip is all but over and I have a chance to drop some pics together.

Disappointingly our boat ride was a smooth one across the passage. Once we disembarked in Devonport we headed to House of Anvers for a healthy (?) breakfast and our first chocolate tasting for the trip.
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/288-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/288-1.jpg.html)http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/286.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/286.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/289-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/289-1.jpg.html)http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/291.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/291.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/292-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/292-1.jpg.html)

01-10-14, 08:11 PM
after leaving devonport we made our way molecreek .
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/323-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/323-1.jpg.html)
on the way we passed thought a little town called Chudleigh the was a very intresting honey farm
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/312.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/312.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/313.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/313.jpg.html)
these are some of the old tools that are used to get the honey

01-10-14, 08:18 PM
in the mole creek area we went to
some caves in theres caves there were glowworms but could not take pics of them

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/366.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/366.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/362.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/362.jpg.html)
and deb found a friend
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/315.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/315.jpg.html)

01-10-14, 08:29 PM
in the area there is a great drive up to devil gullet this has a small walk after getting our breathes back this what we saw
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/319.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/319.jpg.html)
and the height of it was not for the faint hearted
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/320.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/320.jpg.html)
then there was a small drive to lake mackenzie
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/321.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/321.jpg.html)

01-10-14, 08:57 PM
Damn you Barney. We didn't see some of these places when we were there in March. Will have to go back again:map:

01-10-14, 09:42 PM
I will come with you glenn

01-10-14, 09:45 PM
Barney I haven't even made it to some of these spots and we have been here 8 years ;) you certainly got some good weather while here

01-10-14, 09:55 PM
Looks like you guys have been having a great trip.

01-10-14, 11:02 PM
Barney I haven't even made it to some of these spots and we have been here 8 years ;) you certainly got some good weather while here
writing this really quietly so the weather gods don't hear but the weather has been great only one day of wind

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/342.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/342.jpg.html)
this was at swansea

01-10-14, 11:07 PM
after molecreek we went through deloraina in this little town they have all these
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/293.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/293.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/294.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/294.jpg.html)
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/295.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/295.jpg.html)
and a lovely little church

02-10-14, 07:13 PM
after deloraina we head south west and stopped at liffey falls .this set of falls have 3 drops very close to each other the walk is well worth it .at the first drop we had the best platupuss encounter

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/391.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/391.jpg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/398.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/398.jpg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/396.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/396.jpg.html)

there were some very excited people with the platypus

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/406.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/406.jpg.html)

02-10-14, 07:29 PM
if you are in the area I would recommend going and have a look at http://www.41southtasmania.com/

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/299.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/299.jpg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/308.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/308.jpg.html)

02-10-14, 07:33 PM
All looks good Barney , I have spent a few great nights/mornings in the Deloriane pub
The falls look alright , the third pic looks fairly steep , always a good day when you see a platypus out and about
Keep the pics coming you have been to places I never heard of , you never know I may want to head back over
Pity you are not heading to the west coast , I have always wanted to go to Dismal Swamp , I think it's been renamed Tarkine walk or something , it's down from Smithton , got some big nasty slide ,or used too have , a big fast slide with no run off area , crashes aplenty , so I've been told , go there find out for me , go on
Cheers you two and have fun

02-10-14, 07:40 PM
after a drive thought the great lakes we went down to the old Waddamana power station it has been turned into a on museum so if you ever wondered where your power came from its worth a look

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/332.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/332.jpg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/329-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/329-1.jpg.html)

02-10-14, 07:50 PM
Pity you are not heading to the west coast , I have always wanted to go to Dismal Swamp , I think it's been renamed Tarkine walk or something , it's down from Smithton , got some big nasty slide ,or used too have , a big fast slide with no run off area , crashes aplenty , so I've been told , go there find out for me , go on
Cheers you two and have fun[/QUOTE]
thanks graham the last time we were here we did the west coast but it was closed because of storm damage

02-10-14, 07:55 PM
I'll get there one day
There is the sea horsey place out near Bells Bay /Beaconsfield way ,that was pretty good , the kids loved it , they had Echidnas too
Cheers , got to go apparently you have rung me

02-10-14, 08:22 PM
for those that know deb this is her at her happiest

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/1385666_10152778098054208_3613220123241156761_n.jp g (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/1385666_10152778098054208_3613220123241156761_n.jp g.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/10474253_10152782810909208_2985002479485703208_n.j pg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/10474253_10152782810909208_2985002479485703208_n.j pg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/10660195_10152789923904208_3257005534018965257_n-1.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/10660195_10152789923904208_3257005534018965257_n-1.jpg.html)

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/343.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/343.jpg.html)

02-10-14, 09:15 PM
this place was pretty cool it is the tallest building in Hobart and is an old shot tower

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/337.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/337.jpg.html)

this is looking up the original stair case
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/445.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/445.jpg.html)


outback jack
02-10-14, 10:22 PM
Great report and pics mate, glad you and Deb are having a great time cheers

06-10-14, 12:38 PM
Enjoying reading the report thus far, the better half is making plans to head to Tassie around this time next year so I'll be checking out any more info you post up. :thumbsup:

Touring Rich
06-10-14, 10:00 PM
Platypus are usually very shy, you have done well to capture that shot Glenn!


06-10-14, 10:13 PM
Deb took it he was there for over an hour with lots of people walking by

Touring Rich
06-10-14, 10:53 PM
Deb took it he was there for over an hour with lots of people walking by

That's cool! we have a few in the river at home but there very elusive.


07-10-14, 06:34 AM
You made it to plenty of great spots Glenn and Deb. Penny and I are very jealous.

07-10-14, 11:07 PM
while we were in the Bicheno area we went on the penguin tour

08-10-14, 07:20 AM
Hehe. Very funny.

08-10-14, 09:20 AM
Top stuff so far Barney. Never been to the Isle. Would love to get down there one day cheers

08-10-14, 08:14 PM
did you know this cute little fellas back legs have a poisonous spur .
if you are under 30 kg there is a chances it could be fatal .
if you are over 30kg you should only get a lot of pain there is no antivenin
but the pain will ony last for about 8 months
there hide legs can turn almost 360d so they can scratch there body any where they want
so this means if you see one in the wild don't pick him up

http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/406.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/406.jpg.html)

08-10-14, 08:18 PM
while we were in the wine glass bay area we all jumped on a boat and went out to sea to see the bay

on the way out we came across a sea eagle
http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s502/barneys1/tassie/452.jpg (http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/barneys1/media/tassie/452.jpg.html)

this nest has been used for 8 years

08-10-14, 08:26 PM
That nest is massive. :suprise:

08-10-14, 08:44 PM
you would not want that in your roof

08-10-14, 08:45 PM
Did you entertain the thought of going to Bruny island Barney , I reckon if I am lucky enough to do what I have done previously , that is take the camper and all the other gear over , Bruny island may be the first port of call , been to Tas more than enough , but have never been to that place ,and if reckon the sth east corner requires a bit more investigation
Cheers matey

08-10-14, 09:28 PM
we did a trip over there last time but didn't get to look around graham