View Full Version : Getaway on Bribie Island / Queensland

08-08-13, 09:25 PM

here is our next video of our weekend on Bribie Island.


I will write more info later ;)

09-08-13, 06:47 PM
Kam this last video of yours is brilliant. Your editing is getting better and better with each trip. Very professional.

Looks like you had great weather whilst you were on the island.

I'd love to see what mounting devices you are using with your cameras.

09-08-13, 06:49 PM
Love the frisbee shots!

king kahuna
09-08-13, 08:07 PM
Very well done mate, entertaining

09-08-13, 08:50 PM
Kam well done to all involved ,that was great ,absolutely brilliant , now for the bad bit ,you have cost me money now as those shots with the camera on the stick ,nice . Is that a gopro stick thing or another brand
One more question was that a overnight camp or a bit longer
Cheers and keep up the good work. Graham

09-08-13, 09:09 PM
Great vid and a great location by the look of it.

09-08-13, 09:46 PM
Hi Kam

You have really set the standard with that video.
I'v been asking for a Gopro for my birthday and hope to be able to capture some trips to share as well.

After showing the girls your clip has pretty well sealed it for the Gopro.


09-08-13, 10:02 PM
Bloody great stuff. Love the video, beach, scenery and of course the jeep. But anyway, stuff all you people who live so close to driveable beaches.

Thanks again mate, where will the next video be filmed?

Touring Rich
09-08-13, 10:07 PM
Another great installment of your travels Kam!

I was on the sunshine coast 6 weeks ago. The weather looks good too.


11-08-13, 08:11 PM
Wow! Thank you for so much positiv feedback. Motivates me :)

I used Sony Action Cam for the whole video. The stick wash a simple mop stick. I attached the camera with duck tape ^^ haha

Next video, not sure. Maybe I will join a bigger Jeep run next weekend to the Springs, but its not 100% yet

Touring Rich
11-08-13, 09:00 PM
You have set yourself a high standard with the clips Kam! Keep up the good work!


11-08-13, 09:14 PM
I would have watched this video about a dozen times now trying to pick up ideas for my next trip video, and having just bought a Sony Action Cam I'm excited with what you have shown can be achieved with this camera.

I have an extendable paint roller handle, so will be taking this on the next trip for sure.

11-08-13, 09:56 PM
Awesome Vid Kam cheers

12-08-13, 11:47 AM

There is quality loss in lots of places. Its because of Youtube, the original video is fine. Need to check how to avoid that problem.

I was thinking of getting a small steadcam, its a nice peace of kit :)

13-08-13, 01:54 PM
Great video! I really need to learn to edit. Thanks for sharing it with us.

:) Glenyse

16-04-14, 09:22 AM
Just had a look at this as we are thinking of heading to Bribie Island on our next trip, the week after ANZAC day.

Great vid! Made me really excited about going there!!