View Full Version : General Polls

  1. What brand of four wheel drive is your main tourer? up to 29/14
  2. Manual or Automatic
  3. Tyre Repair kits and tools.
  4. In what state of Australia do you reside?
  5. Tyre Choice - What rubber are you rolling on?
  6. How did you hear about 4wdadventurers.com? POLL
  7. Which winch
  8. High lift jacks
  9. General Servicing
  10. What UHF do you have?
  11. Wire or Rope Winch Cable?
  12. Free Windscreen Replacement Option on Insurance
  13. Which offroad GPS Navigator?
  14. Protection
  15. What barwork do you have fitted to your 4WD? (from 10/12/14)
  16. Steel or alloy, What do you roll on?
  17. What do you sleep in when out in the bush?
  18. White Tyre Writing In or Out?
  19. Bad ABS Experience
  20. Do you cross your trailer safety chains?
  21. Lockers/limited slip differential
  22. Have you ever had anything stolen "Off" your 4wd?
  23. Do you run your camping Fridge 24/7?
  24. Td4.2 v 4.8
  25. How Often Do You Use Your Camper Trailer or Van
  26. How much have you spent on modifying your 4WD
  27. What 4WD do you tour in? (Current poll from 29/10/14)
  28. Have you ever rolled your 4wd?
  29. How many channels on your UHF?
  30. Generators - Do you camp with one?
  31. When to lower tyre pressure